SMARS Board Meeting
April 03, 2008

Called To Order: 7:07PM
Officers Present: Bill KD8CDS, John KC8WMM, Lou WB8WXS
Others: Russ N8UU, Marion WA8MFL, Bob KC8PRL, Dave KC8NZY,  Stephanie W8AEZ
Trailer: Marion and John moved the trailer over to Lou's.
Dave presented a set of drawings on a possible lay   
     out.  Measurements need to be taken of equipment
     to be placed in the trailer. Discussion of antennas
     needed.  Dave's layout and materials up to $300 were
May 24 Pine Tree CAP exercise: Bill would like SMARS
     to be the control station for the entire state. He will 
     get more information in the next couple of weeks.
Field Day: Battle Creek Airport has OK'd SMARS using ts
property for Field Day. Logging programs were
     dis cussed. Bob is preparing a signup list. Decision on
     catering was tabled for now.
License Class: Lou has 6 General and 6 Technician
     training books coming. The class will be 10 weeks
     covering both Tech and General topics. Maple
     Methodist Church has approved Advertisements are
     to be placed in the Shopper and the Reminder. There
     will need to be co-ordination with VE Examiners.
     Instructors are needed.
Echolink: The board approved the purchase of a UPS for
     the echolink computer. Dave AB8HK will be asked for
     his input.
Budget: Marion asked the board to consider setting up a
     budget.  The idea was tabled until Rene KC8SLI can
     be consulted.
Adjourned: 8:35PM
Respectfully Submitted,
John Davidson KC8WMM
SMARS Secretary

SMARS Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2008

Called To Order: 7:01PM
Officers Present: Bill KD8CDS, Ned WB4BKO, Rene KC8SLI, John KC8WMM
Secretary's Report: Read and approved
Treasurer's Report: Read and approved
Hamfest Rport: Most vendors were happy, 2 complaints   
     about bleachers. Other hams mostly were content. Had
     hams from Florida, Oregon and Colorado. Indiana had
     the most with 93. Total of 1130  tickets sold. If needed,
     more tables are available from Grand Rental Station.
RACES/ARES Report: New antenna at the hospital, paid
     for by Battle  Creek Health Systems. Skywarn training
     March 22.
Technical Engineer's Report: Repeaters OK with buzz on
     440. Interference on 2m likely to be taxi company.
Echolink Report: There were calls from Scotland, and a 
     contact calling from his hotel room in China.
Old Business:
VE session in February didn't have any testees.
The club trailer to be fitted as a permanent station is too
tall to fit in Gary W8USU's garage. Gary KC8H
     volunteered his  pole barn and his brother-in-law's
     services. Material can be  obtained from several outlet
     RV stores.
Field Day Chair is Bob Kingsbury KC8PRL. He's looking for 
CAP exercise on May 24 may be held at Marshall Airport.
     More details will be forthcoming.
New Business:
Michigan QSO party is April 19.
Instructors are needed for license class. Lou has
     training materials and will get more. Class is expected to
     start in mid-April. Time and date are not yet set.
Drawing was won by Rosemary WA8VXE.
Entertainment: None this meeting.
Adjourned: 8:15PM
Respectfully Submitted,
John Davidson KC8WMM
SMARS Secretary


February 2008 Beginning Credit Union Balance:   $1,438.79
        Expenditures:                                                    ($181.39)
        Expenditures not yet cleared:                             ($35.96)
        Revenues:                                                          $684.66
        February Interest                                                    $0.66
February 2008 Ending Credit Union Balance:         $1,906.76
March 2008 Beginning Credit Union Balance:         $1,906.10
        Expenditures:                                                     ($1,848.8
        Expenditures not yet cleared:                            ($156.02)
        Revenues:                                                        $7,609.26
        March Interest:                                                       $0.63
March 2008 Ending Credit Union Balance:                  $7,511.14
March 31, 2008 Checkbook Balance:                        $7,355.12
        April Expenditures to Date:                                ($1,031.7
        April Revenues to Date:                                        $20.00
April 7, 2008 Checkbook Balance:                           $6,343.34

Rene KC8LSI Treasurer


3 May Cadillac MI
Cadillac Swap and Shop 8 AM to 1 PM at Cadillac Jr.High School 500 Chestnut St.Admission $5 at the door; Talk-in on 146.98 MHz repeater VE Session  UP Net Meeting


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