Club Meet
November 15, 2008

Called to order 7:12pm
Officers Present: Lou Ryason WB8WXS, Jim Holloway KG8GZ
Roll Call
Christmas Dinner will be 6:30 P.M. December 16, 2007 at the Old Country Buffet. Lou needs everybody to sign up by December 1st. Discussion about moving time to 6 P.M. Motion to leave at 6:30 passed. Gift exchange will be discussed later.
Nomination Committee for Officers was formed. Chair is Rene, others are John Davidson KC8WMM and Karl Rautmann KC8HET.
Classes to start after ist of year. Lou called for volunteers to help run these classes and got very little response. Discussion ensued about where to hold classes and several suggestions were made, but no decision.
Field Day was discussed. A suggestion had been made that Field Day should be held at Gary Kaiser's property. Gary is willing, but it was felt that there might not be enough room and that exposure at the airport brought more publicity. Discussion ensued about Field Day and whether to even bother, based on last years participation. Dan Kellogg thought perhaps only one trailer could be used, easing manpower requirements. Jerry W8FOK asked question about usage of trailers; if to be used for Field Day only, they can be left as is, but if they're to used for emergencies, one should be setup permanently as a emergency station. Discussion about how the equipment should be divided between the trailers.
Motion was made to have one setup as an emergency station. Discussion ensued about storing the emergency trailer, about leaving it at Gary's, or finding some other location closer to town. Several alternatives were discussed, including Lou's or Bill Booth's homes. Several different kinds of antennas were discussed to equip the emergency trailer, but no decision was made.
A thank You card from Helen Holcomb was passed around.
Hamfest 2008 was discussed. Stephanie reported that flyers had been printed and were being distributed. She also had had a walkthru of the Marshall High School with school personnel with an eye towards rearranging tables. Lou reported tables had been ordered (139). New badges were made for vendors and volunteers. Vendors are starting to call for reservations.
Dave reported no problems with repeaters.
Gary KC8H asked about location to hold the next VE Session, December 27, 2007. Inquiries will be made as to availability of various locations.
Arnie VRA presented a cane to Jerry W8FOK.
Break 7:40 P.M.
After the break, Don Larkin W8RVT, had a demonstration of Echolink. Contact was made with a ham in SC. There were several questions, and quite a bit of interest in this technology. It might be possible to have a workshop at some point in the future for those interested.
Motion was made to adjourn at 8:45
John, KC8WMM, Acting  as Secretary



December 6, 2007

           President Lou Ryason called the meeting to order at 7:00 P. M.
          OFFICERS PRESENT:  President Lou Ryason, V-President Ned Davis, Secretary Jesse Moreno, Treasurer Jim Holloway, guest Editor Marion Davidson, John Davidson, Hamfest Chairman Stephanie Halibert, Bob, KC8PRL, Scout Master Ray Davis,  scouts Collin  Neugeld and Collin Davis. Scout Master Ray Davis brought over patches  to 18 members  of SMARS Club that help During the Scouts 50th Anniversity of Scouting  at Jamboree on  the air.       
          OLD BUSINESS: SMARS CHRISTMAS Party will be held at OLd Kountry Buffet on Saturday, December 15, at 7:00 P.M., exchange of man or woman present is optinal.
          Each member pays for his own food. Hope to see everyone at Christmas Party.       
          NEW BUSINESS: Jim Holloway told the board that 440 Repeater was making a clanging sound and asked if anyone had heard it. He recommanded that Repeater       Engineer might check it out. Jim also stated to the board that he no longer will be running the 440 Net, since groups checking in is getting smaller and smaller and that maybe       someone else might take over as net control, Scout Master Ray Davis expressed the desire to help out during Field day, since he has Jesse's e-mail address, he will contact  Jesse as the time for Field day approaches. Also it was discussed that License Classes will be held at  Church in a small conference room, this is tenative for Febuary for the time being as starting date has not been decided. Hamfest Chairman informed the board that school has OK used for next years Hamfest. The Fire Marshall will guide the set up accordingly, not blocking doors. This came about because of an  incident this past year.
          Fire Lanes are not to be blocked. If we are going to continue having hamfest's at school, we need to work with the Fire Marshall. Also at this meeting in  December, membership dues can be paid to Treasurer, also election of Club Officers for the next year will take place, all running for Club Office need to have their dues paid up to date. At this time          the Vice-President is in the process of lining up a program for the December Meeting.
          Hope to see everyone at meeting. Hamfest Chairman told board that Hamfest is on track.
               MOTION made and second to Adjourn. MOTION PASSED.
             ADJOURNED at 8:00 P. M.
               Jesse, KC8EIC, Secretarty       

SMARS Radio Club

Bank Account Activity       10-1-07 thru 10-31-07
     Balance as of 10-31-07                                3272.80
     Interest                                                               1.37
     Deposit                                                             56.00
          Total                                                         3330.17
     Checks Paid
          # 2169 State of Michigan         20.00
          # 2170 AT&T                            32.55
          # 2171 M Davidson                 117.31
          # 2173 D Kellogg                      17.72
          # 2174 Church                        100.00
             (Seventh Day Adventist
              Richard Holcomb Memorial) 
          Total                                        287.58      -287.58
Jim KG8GZ Treasurer

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