SMARS Board Meeting
Feb 07, 2008

Called to Order: 7:15pm

Officers: Rene KC8SLI, Ned WB4BKO, Bill KD8CDS, John KC8WMM
Others: Stephanie W8AEZ, Marion WA8MFL, Lou WB8WXS, Bob KC8PRL
Old Business:
  Bill will lose use of his garage at the end of April. No         new input on trailer layouts. Marion and John will check         on the trailers as they were found unlocked.
120 tables sold and 66 tickets sold so far. The new table arrangement is still being worked on by the school. There might be a shortage of tables provided by the school as some came up missing well after Hamfest last year.
Sturgis paper is a daily with high rates. It was decided        to place larger advertisements in the Battle Creek Shopper, Hastings Register and weekend editions of the Sturgis paper.  Other local clubs will be sent flyers. Local TV/radio stations will be given information to put in their community affairs announcements. Stephanie has permission to use Link to announce Hamfest. Still short of volunteers.
Appointment of Advisory Committee
Russ N8UU, Dave AB8HK, Marion WA8MFL will continue in their current duties of Trustee, Technical Engineer, and Feedback  Editor. Lou WB8WXS will act as interim Public Information Officer.
Next issue will list all current members.
Door Prizes:
The end of the year drawings this year will have equipment in addition to cash prizes. The club will make up the difference between the 50/50 pot and the price of the equipment up to $500. Exact equipment to be determined later, but plans are for antenna analyzer or handhelds or similar.
Lou has 3-4 photo albums of club photos. He would like to find a new home for them. Don W8RVT will be reimbursed for crystals purchased for a transceiver for the club. The SMARS board is planning a retreat for March 29, location and time TBA. Entertainment for February meeting will be an Echolink workshop by Don W8RVT. March's will likely be a  discussion of DSL.

Adjourned: 8:40pm
Respectfully submitted:
                        John Davidson

SMARS Club Meeting
January 17, 2008

Called to Order: 7:05pm

Officers: Rene KC8SLI, Ned WB4BKO, Bill KD8CDS, John KC8WMM
Secretary's Report: read and approved
Treasurer's Report: read and approved
New Business:
        New location needed for VE Sessions. Lounge at             
West Lake could be used. Maple United is also a possibility, cost might be $20 per use. A sign might also be needed, to direct people to the correct entrance. Tabled for now.
        Presentation by Becky Curtis on various advertisement options. Costs and markets of various local papers presented. Size and colors of advertisements were discussed. Local community event broadcasts were discussed. Communication with other clubs was discussed. Possibility of leaving flyers at local computer, electronic, etc. shops was discussed. A resolution to budget $395 for ads was passed. The Board to determine which outlets to use at it's next meeting.
        One of the club trailers is going to be set up as an         emergency station. Various layout options were discussed,        as well as other options, such as A/C for the trailer.         Russ, N8UU, has a desk that could be used. Gary, KC8H, has a brother-in-law with cabinet experience that can help. Some discussion of antennas needed for the trailer. CAP exercise date is May 24. Goal is to have trailer ready to be used at a moment's notice by this time. Tabled for more input.
Hamfest Report:
        Stephanie W8AEZ reports 53 tables are now sold. There will be 2 major radio vendors present this year.
Drawing: $14 raised. $7 won by ?????
        Was to be W8RVT with an Echolink workshop. Time ran short and there was a technical issue with the club's projector.  Don will try again next month.

Adjourned: 8:25pm
Respectfully submitted:
                        John Davidson

December 2007

      Beginning Balance (12/1/07):                     $1,322.44
                     Credits                                            $447.31
                     Debits                                              $221.21
      Ending Balance (12/31/07):                         $1,548.54         
   Rene  KC8LSI   

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