What the heck is this thing?  As we look it over, we wonder if somebody isn't preparing a tie down for a blimp or maybe it might be a vent for a sewer line.  But if we keep looking we see a group of these out in the field.  Could this be the landing field for an alien invasion?  Maybe it's a classified secret and we'll be told in 50 years.
I came across these in a discussion of the shapes that antennas take on.  Yes these are antennas. But for what purpose? Sometimes the only way we'll ever find out is when someone that uses them explains.
This brings up the subject of other odd shaped antennas.  Did you read in QST's August issue about the Lindenblad antenna?  Weird! But a variation was used for communication between airplanes and control towers.  Remember the crazy antennas on the east side of the road just north of the old control at Kellogg airport? Omnidirectional and omnipolarized and claimed gain. Maybe!
If you go out to the airport and look around just west of the FAA building you'll see something that looks like a gigantic umbrella turned upside down with only the splines left. And these seem to be tied together with a drunken spiders web.  It's an all frequency, automatic switching antennas affording communication with any FAA facility in the world,
Has anyone seen any other weird concoctions that might be called antennas?

   Is Disney World
the only people trap
operated by a mouse?

Law of the Bath
When the body
is fully immersed
in water...
the telephone rings.

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