December 20, 2007

President Lou Ryason called the meeting to order at 7:00 P. M.
Usual introduction.
A Motion was made and second to ACCEPT the Minutes and Treasurers Report as printed in Feedback. MOTION PASSED.
COMMITTEE REPORTS: Hamfest Chairperson Stephanie, 37 Hamfest  reservations have come in, hamfest on track. Members told the Repeater Technical Engineer that 440 Repeater is making a dong dong sound. Repeater Technical Engineer will look into it and take care of problem. Repeater Technical Engineer expressed the need for a DSL Line to 220 repeater. President will call for an Executive Board Meeting during the break to seek approval for new DSL to 220 Repeater for ECHO Link.
OLD BUSINESS: In order for the club to get more exposure during Field day, it was brought up to seek a location that affords more exposure: The places mentioned were Binder Park, the lot at former Cereal USA. Members were asked to present their suggestions as to where to hold field day. Vice-President suggested to make field day as simple as possible, at such other place as the Kingman Mesuem.  Also it is essential that members paricipate in field day to make the event a success. The idea of getting a trailer ready to go in case of an emergency was brought up. Need someone to work on this.
NEW BUSINESS:  Election of Club Officers for the new year. Bill Booth talked about SMARS CLUB partnering with Civil Air Patrol to work emergencies.  He also mentioned CAP is planning to hold an emergency exercise using Boyne Mountain.  More information on this later. Bill Booth will keep in touch with CAP EXECUTIVES on the subject. Here is the list of Nomonies for Club Officers for New Year as presented by Nomonies as presented by Rene Bush, Chairman: For President Bill Booth, for Vice-President Ned Davis, for Treasurer Rene Bush and for Secretary John Davidson the membership voted for all the members elected. Congrulations to our new Officers for the next year, looking forward to working with you in the coming year. The SMARS EXECUTIVE BOARD approved spending $15
for new DSL line for 220 Repeater Echo Link each month.
A MOTION was made and second to Adjourn. MOTION PASSED.
Adjourned at 8:05 P.M.

Jesse, KC8EIC Secretary

SMARS Board Meeting

Present: Bill Booth KD8CDS President
         Ned Davis WB4BKO Vice-President
         Rene Bush KC8SLI Treasurer
         John Davidson KC8WMM Secretary
         Jim Holloway KG8GZ former Treasurer
         Stephanie Halbert W8AEZ Hamfest Chair
         Bob Kingsbury KC8PRL Hamfest Co-Chair
Called to Order: 7:05 P.M.
         42 tables now sold.  New layout of tables with corrections af
         ter  last year is nearly ready. Tables are paid for.  Things are
    Civil Air Patrol exercise:
         Correction to date. Should be 1st or 2nd Saturday in  May. 
     Field Day:
         Still need chair.  Whether to try to hold a reduced Field Day
         with only 1 trailer.  Location with concern over airport expan   
         sion with several  alternatives mentioned.   CW trailer and if
         anyone would be willing to man it.  Question about antennas
         and the time and manpower  needed to erect.  Question
         about HF equipment with tuners.  No decisions reached.
         Bill presented a rough layout for trailer to be converted
         into a permanent installation.  Questions about sound
        insulation and lighting.  Questions about what stations could
        be used in trailer.   Where to leave trailer for easy access.
         Possibility of using one of the other trailers to store tables,
         chairs  and misc.
         Decision tabled for more feedback.
    Getting more people involved (especially kids):
         More summer events i.e. short notice events with special 
         QSL   cards or involvement in special events.  Coordinating
         with Red Cross/Scouts/Tech Students for special events.       
         Need more experienced members to share their knowledge.
         Articles in Shopper/Enquirer explaining Ham Radio.
         Decision tabled for more feedback.
    Web Site:
         Needs updating.
    Factions among Hams:
         Need to heal rift.  Need to sit down with disenfranchised
         members.  More club involvement in events such as siren
         testing,   Red Cross walks, and other events that need more
         manpower.   No decisions reached 
Possible future programs:
         APRS. Anybody know somebody? Dave Eddy/Bill Gray on
         local radio history.    Get to know the members of SMARS.
         Hi-Def TV or digital radio broadcast.   Internet/DSL behind the
         scenes.   Still working on this.
    DSL line for echolink:
         Costs will be more than approved at Club meeting.  Don       
         Larkin W8RVT in California, will get info on his return.
         Decision tabled for more info.
    Club membership:
         Membership list needs corrections. Some people are   
         not on list, but should be. Others may have paid twice.
         Rene will work on a spreadsheet to track membership.

Meeting adjourned: 8:45 P.M.

John Davidson KC8WMM



BALANCE AS OF 11-1-07                               $3040.59
CREDITS THRU 11-30-07                                       1.34
DEBITS THRU 11-30-07                                   1716.96
ENDING BALANCE 11-30-07                           1326.97


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