Month: December 2007
  Current Bank Statement Balance:    $1,672.11
                                              Total:    $1,672.11
                     Outstanding Checks:
                                             2188           $44.57 AT&T (Dated 12/29)
                                             2189           $79.00 Marsh (Dated 12/29)
            Total Outstanding Checks:        $123.57
                                                    Register Balance:                         $1,543.23
                                                       Adjustments:                                     $4.45 May'07 Interest (not recorded previously)
                                                                                                                   0.86 Adjustment
                         Adjusted Balance:     $1,548.54  Adjusted Balance: $1,548.54

Month: January 2008
  Current Bank Statement Balance:    $1,438.79
                                              Total:    $1,438.79
                      Outstanding Checks:
                                     No Outstanding Checks
             Total Outstanding Checks:           $0.00
                                                     Register Balance:                          $1,438.21
                                                        Adjustments:                                     $0.58 January 08 Interest
                Adjusted Balance:               $1,438.79  Adjusted Balance: $1,438.79

KC8LSI, Treasurer


SARPOURENX, France - A mayor in southwest France has threatened residents of his village of Sarpourenx with   
severe punishment if they die because there's no room   in the cemetery. Mayor Gerard Lalanne posted an ordinance in the council offices advising the village's 260 residents that "all persons not having a plot in the cemetery and  wishing to be buried in Sarpourenx are forbidden from dying in the parish." It added, "Offenders will be severely punished," Homes Worldwide said. The 70-year-old mayor,  who is hoping to be re-elected in local elections, told journalists, "It may be a laughing matter for some, but not for me."   


WXSpots, a new tool in the tool chest for SKYWARN operations and weather enthusiasts is now available. WXSpots is a free, Internet based system designed to quickly disseminate observed reports of severe weather to all connected users. It provides the means to help monitor local severe weather as it unfolds with many more observers able to communicate what they are seeing. WXSpots features include:

     The ability to disseminate observations quickly and efficiently anywhere.
     The ability to add the eyes of SKYWARN enthusiasts who aren't Amateur Radio operators.
     The ability to instantly create message groups with other connected users on the fly.
     The ability to monitor observations from all users, or only display observations for your state or  county.
     An automated, historical record of recent observations.
     The ability to keep tabs on current observations without necessarily being near a radio.

To download the software and learn more, please visit <>

Rick Palm, K1CE
Editor E-Letter


15 Mar   Marshall, MI
Southern Michigan Amateur Radio Society (SMARS) presents the 48TH Annual Michigan Crossroads Hamfest, Marshall High School, 701 N Marshall Ave.  146.660 repeater & 146.52 Simplex.  Http://   Contact

6 Mar   Maumee, OH
Hamfest and Computer Fair by the Toledo Mobile Radio Association at the Lucas County Recreationa; Center, 2901 Key St. 146.27+ repeater.  Http://  Contact

5 Apr       Lowell, MI
ARGYL Hamfest, Amateur Radio Group of Youth in Lowell, Lowell High School at 11700 Vergennes St  146.620 (94.8) & a45.270 (94.8) repeaters  Http://   Contact

12 Apr      Utica MI
GMARC Trunk Swap, General Motors Amateur Radio Club, Trinity Luthern Church, 45160 Van Dyke Ave. 443.075+ (123) & 145.210- (123) repeaters. Http://  contact

19 Apr       Highland MI
Milford Swap and Shop. Milford Amateur Radio Club,  Milford High School 2380 Milford Rd 145.49(67) repeater @ 146.52 Simplex   Contact Rose Moore, KC8NQJ at 810-632-5174

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