SMARS Meeting Feb 21, 2008 

Call To Order: 7:03pm
Officers Present: Bill KD8CDS, Ned WB4BKO, Rene KC8SLI, John KC8WMM
Secretary's Report: Read and approved
Treasurer's Report: Read and approved
Committee Reports:
ARES/RACES: No report
Hamfest: 158 tables reserved, still waiting on lastest floorplan. Sign-up Sheet passed around.
Field Day: No report
Technical Engineer: Interference on 440 repeater. Dave AB8HK asks people near Repeater  site listen on input so that he might
      get clues as to source.
Old Business:
Trailer: Marion WA8MFL and John KC8WMM inspected the trailers. Nothing appeared to be missing. Lou suggested weather 
      shields for the locks which were difficult to open. Bill reminded everyone that he loses the use of his garage after April. It was
      noted the trailers are currently impossible to move. Action tabled for now.
Field Day: Discussion about even having one. Vote to have Field Day approved By majority.  Locations still being discussed. Mar
      shall Airport is another possibility. At least one of the Georges is planning to operate HF this year. Further action tabled til next
Advertisement: Lou WB8WXS will place ads in Shopper/Reminder. Stephanie W8AEZ will take care of TV public announce
New Business:
VE Testing: Gary W8USU had inquired into using the Masonic Lodge for the VE sessions.  It would be available for $25 per use.
      Jim KG8GZ had already secured Maple  Methodist for  $20. Bruce WB8ZSK brought up question about leaving the Red  Cross
      building. Much discussion about that. Jim KG8GZ reminded the group that a portion of the VE fee could be   
      deducted to pay for the hall rental. 
Introduction of the Advisory Committee: Trustee Russ N8UU, Technical Engineer Dave
AB8HK, Feedback Editor Marion WA8MFL
Door Prize: $12.50 won by John KC8WMM
Program: Don W8RVT continued his demonstration of Echolink. More Hams in the club are using Echolink and several more are
      interested. Thank you Don.

Adjourned: 8:55pm
Respectfully Submitted,
John Davidson

SMARS Board Meeting March 6, 2008

Called to Order: 7:04pm
Present: Bill KD8CDS, Bob KC8PRL, Rene KC8SLI, Marion WA8MFL, John KC8WMM, Stephanie W8AEZ
Old Business:
Question raised about the difference between closing balance in December and opening balance in January. Marion and Rene worked out that the closing balance had been misread and there was actually no difference.
Stephanie reported that more than 200 tables had been reserved. Batteries America has tables reserved, but has not committed to actually attending. Bob has tried to call, but has had limited success. Marion will try on 3/7/2008. Vendors are asking to move some  tables. It was decided not to allow this as a rule, but in the specific case mentioned, it would be allowed, space permitted. Tables in the gym will be filled before others in the hall. Help is needed for setting up, tear down, ticket sales, and door security.
New Business:
  Discussions about reimbursement for expenses invloved in Hamfest, offical correspondence and mailing of membership cards. It was decided to give the Hamfest Chair $100 as an expense account, funds to be returned after Hamfest. Similar accounts were discussed  for the Treasurer and Secretary, but were tabled for now.
Marion brought up questions about the insurance for Hamfest and the problems of not following the Club Constitution. These were put on the agenda for Board retreat later this month.
The Echolink computer has been placed at the repeater site. Don W8RVT arranged for DSL service at that location.
The Board is planning a retreat for March 29. Rene will check if the Climax School conference room is available. Discussion about topics and who should be invited.  The members of the Board will send ideas to Bill.
Field Day locations were discussed. Bill would like to try to have it at the Marshall Airport for the greater visibility. Some of the other locations previously discussed are not suitable to hold Field Day. Location will be an agenda item at the Board retreat.
Bill brought up the CAP exercise in May. He would like to see Club participation for this exercise. This will also be an agenda item for the retreat.

Adjourned: 8:55pm
Respectfully submitted,
John Davidson

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