Repeaters operating on the coasts have been found interfering with the radar operated by the Department of Defense.  The ARRL has been negotiating with the DOD so that the repeaters causing interference could operate with the least interference to the defense system.  On the East coast some of the repeaters have changed their pattern, others have reduced power, some have done both and probably a few have found it necessary to shut down until a solution can be found.
Repeaters on the West coast have the same problem but a few have ignored it and are waiting for a direct conflict.  This may cause more drastic actions to be taken and might not be the most advisable solution to the problem.  We must remember that the 440 band is shared with the military services and amateur radio is the junior partner in this spectrum.
We, in Michigan have had a similar problem with an interfering band in our 440 band with its "A line" to avoid conflict with other services. (I believe these to be Canadian.) We live with it and I suspect that the coastal units will have to also.
The DOD could have forced the shutdown of all stations found to be interfering without giving amateur radio a choice, butthe ARRL has been working very hard for a solution top the problem.


Simulated  Emergency Test (SET)
Our Simulated Emergency Test for 2007 was on Saturday, October 6th.
  We had 22 Amateur Radio Operators signed up to support Calhoun County ARES / RACES and the Battle Creek SMARS Club. This time only two people did not show up so I think the turn out was very good.
  I have not had the time to count the points yet but when I do I will publish the final score and we will see how we stand in the State. Last year we finished 3rd with 639 total points. As a first look at the event I think we will have a better score this year. But this is really not about points as much as it is about our communications abilities and to this point I was very impressed with every body's efforts. In a real disaster I am sure we would do a good job if we were asked to take over communications for any of the agencies that needed help.
  I would like to thank everyone that helped in this event I think this was by far The best Simulated Emergency test that I have ever been involved in.
  Dave Smith KC8COT / E-12
  City of Battle Creek and Calhoun County
  ARES / RACES Emergency Coordinator

Board of Directors
Louis H. Ryason
Vice President
Norman "Ned" Davis
Jesse Moreno
James Holloway
Past President
Donna Smith
Advisory Committee
Russ Beutler
Technical Engineer
David Gerber
Marion Davidson

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