September 20, 2007

President Lou Ryason called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
After the usual introductions.
A motion was made and second to accept the Minutes and Treasuers as printed in the FeedBack. Motion PASSED.
COMMITTEE REPORTS: Calhoun County EC Dave Smith informed the club that a SET Test an annual was coming up in October 6, 2007, concerning a National Disaster, the simulated test will take place Nation wide from 10 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., emergency Communications, The Kalamazoo Repeaters on frequencies 147.040, 147.700 and 146.520, also 146.440 simplex. He also passed around a sign up sheet for those people wishing to help. It will a public service type of test such as hospitals and other public establishments. The Repeater Technical engineer, when I talked to him stated that as far as he( Dave Gerber) knew all repeaters were operating OK.
OLD BUSINESS: The License Class will begin about the middle of October and run for six(6) weeks at the church where we hold our meetings, but class will take place on Friday's, The West Lake church across the street from Lakeview Middle School.
PROGRAM: Dave Kellogg, who used to work at Battle Creek Fire Department in the Fire Marshall's Office. He made presentations at schools. He worked in fire prevention.  Dave spoke about deadly time point in a fire being the flash point which takes place in about 4 minutes, from the place of orgin to produce 1400 degrees Franheit when the ceiling temperature reaches 1400 degrees Franheit. Then a flas point takes place, as flash point occurrs everything begins to burn. In the old days sofas, cellous paper
materials did not burn as fast the new things that furniture is made of now. Today most sofas and other furniture are made from plastics made from petro and tend to burn quicker with more potential energy als reach a flash point quicker.One as to be careful with the man made products because they have the potential create deady poisnous gases. All present viewed a film to demonstrate the flash point of a fire. After some questions by members the program conclued. Everyone present enjoyed the program.
A MOTION was made and second to Adjourn. MOTIONS PASSED.
Adjourned at 8:35 P.M.
Jesse< KC8EIC, Secretary.


8-1-07 THROUGH 8-31-07
BALANCE AS OF 8-01-07                           3830.88
     CREDITS - INTEREST                                 1.58
     2159 DIAS TOWER INC             90.00
     2160 AT&T                                  75.83
     2161 M DAVIDSON                  139.89
     2162 LITTLE GIANT                   13.93
     2163 SHRANKS CAFETERIA     87.80
     2164 NORM DAVIS                    20.03
     2165 DAVE KELLOGG               11.96
     TOTAL DEBITS                         441.24    441.24
ENDING BALANCE                                     3391.22

October 09, 2007

Vice-President Ned Davis called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
Officers present:   Vice-President Ned Davis, Secretary Jesse Moreno, Treasuerer Jim Holloway, guest Marion Davidson, Editor, Russ, N8UU Repeater Trustee and Velma Holloway.
OLD BUSINESS: The Board decided, since it was fast approaching the half point in the month of October, to wait until after January, 2008 to hold License classes.
NEW BUSINESS: Russ, N8UU informed the Board that the Regular Club Meeting this raffle going to the club.  Also the Board voted to make a donation of $100, to the Seventh Day Adventist, Worthy Student Fund, in memory of Dick Holcomb for his many years of worthy service to the club as head VE, also for the Seventh Days Adventist Church allowing us to use the Fellowship Hall to hold the license testing without any charge.  It is that time of the year and the club needs to start planning for the Hamfast in March 2008. Because this is money needed to operate the club. At the Board Meeting the Board express a consesus as to whether the club should continue to hold the Field Day event, if members want to continue the event  more  members  need  to  start  taking  part in the event to help man the stations around the clock for the event and setup. It is time for all members to speak up.

MOTION was made and second to adjourn. MOTION PASSED.

Adjourned at 8:30 P. M.

Jesse, KC8EIC, Secretary.


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